EX5 Dream FI

More fuel-saving technology.
Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd (Boon Siew) introduced a new model of Honda EX5 Dream FI which is an upgraded version of EX5 Dream 110 model launched in 2013. 

Managing Director of Boon Siew, Koji Onishi said, EX5 Dream FI cub is the first model in its class equipped with new technology engines FI system developed to enhance power and fuel economy.

"Through the use of electronic control engineering, systems of fuel injection (FI) allows the engine requires only the air-fuel ratio of the minimum," he said at the launch here EX5 Dream FI, just now. 

This model is also equipped with an upgraded design of the rear lights, traffic lights, panel meter and front cover beside the icon in front of the lamp and updated muffler with chrome cover.
Choice of 3 different colors.

EX5 Dream FI comes in three colors: metallic red, metallic blue and metallic purple where it is currently available on the market at a price of RM4,299 for the starter to kick (kick starter) and RM4,529 for auto starter (self starter).

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